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Booties and mittens are the perfect way to keep your baby’s warmth locked in. Paired with a beanie or a bonnet, your baby will stay warm from head to toe and their delicate face protected from their tiny but sharp nails.
Our collection of booties and mittens are soft on delicate skin, breathable, and sumptuously soft.  Knitted in either 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton or merino wool for maximum comfort, these tiny baby gloves and booties will also become a keepsake to remind you of just how tiny and delicate your baby once was.
In our collection, you will find the classic Snuggle Hunny baby merino mittens and bonnet set. Merino wool is not only well known for its softness but its ability to regulate body temperature, keeping babies comfortable and safe. You’ll also love our Toshi booties, made from 100% cotton.
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