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Are you on the search for a soft toy that's a little more unique than the usual?

Jellycat is the ultimate soft toy experience, and we love being Jellycat stockists. Jellycat has been designing plush toys in London since 1999, and we are so glad we can bring these exquisite toys to you, particularly the Jellycat bunny, to Australia! Whether you're looking for a cuddly companion or something quirky, Jellycat toys have got you covered. You'll never want to put them down because they're so soft and sumptuous. 

Introducing the Famous Jellycat Bunny and Friends

There's Jellycat Bunny with her squishy soft feet and flopsy ears or Jellycat Kangaroo with her soft, springy feet and a baby in her pouch. Jellycat Giraffe with cute spots and wonderfully soft fur is the cutest ever. These Jellycat toys are just a taste of what we have for every kid (and adult) to love. For something a little extra, why combine a Jellycat book and a toy!

We offer free shipping on orders over $120, so why not buy a few and tuck them away for special occasion gifts? If you live in Melbourne, Australia, you can also use our in-store pick-up option.

Shop the silliness (and cuteness) of the Jellycat Collection and find your perfect match today! We are Jellycat Australia stockists, offering interest-free AfterPay so you can buy now and pay later. Scroll down to buy Jellycat products below.

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